Unlisted Phone Numbers


Unlisted Phone NumbersFind out how to get unlisted phone numbers without ever having to hire a private investigator or do anything illegal. If you need to know how to contact someone, but their number is not listed in the phone book, there are safe and legal ways that you can get their phone number and establish contact. In fact, all you need to make this happen is a computer with web access, about twenty minutes of free time, and about twenty to thirty dollars to pay for a high quality, reputable search. That is certainly much easier and faster than spending hundreds on a private investigator, isn’t it?

How Does It Work?

If you are curious how you can find unlisted phone numbers so quickly and affordably, you might be shocked to learn that it is the same way that modern private investigators do it. You see, we live in the age of information and technology. While public records used to only be available if you went to the courthouse where the records were stored and paid someone a fee to locate and copy the records for you, today’s world means that records are stored online. A great search website will have the capability to search hundreds of databases in cities and states around the country simultaneously, making it easy to provide the numbers you are seeking.

Even when someone has only unlisted phone numbers, you will find that they have to enter them on forms when getting utility service, entering into a rental or lease contract, or becoming involved in any civil case or transaction. Marriages, divorces, property transactions, and even criminal or driving citations will require someone to provide their phone number. Once they do this, a great public records search can easily find those unlisted phone numbers and provide them to you. Records are kept for almost everything these days, and the best websites can find virtually anyone.

How I Found My Mother

My mom and I were very close when I was growing up, but after my dad passed away, I was very angry at how quickly she started dating again. Our relationship grew very strained, and my mom ended up getting unlisted phone numbers just to keep me from constantly harassing her. I admit that it was a very mean thing to do, but I was sad and angry and just made some very bad decisions.

When I became pregnant with my son, I realized that he deserved to have his grandmother in his life. Unfortunately, because of my behavior, she wasn’t very easy to find. I wasn’t sure where she lived anymore, and I couldn’t find her unlisted phone numbers anywhere. I decided to try one of these web searches that I had heard so much about. I tried a couple of free sites first, but all I really got was a bunch of pop up windows and adware. I did a bit of research and found a quality paid site, and everything changed almost instantly.

It took about five minutes for me to locate my mom’s unlisted phone numbers using the site, and the first number I called was her cell phone. I left a number on her voicemail and tried the landline. Sure enough, she answered and I started by sobbing the words “I’m sorry”. She asked me what I wanted and I explained it all through my tears, and by the end of the call we really seemed to be okay. Since then, we have seen one another numerous times and she will be in the room when her grandson is born next month.

Finding Numbers Can Change Everything

The simple fact is that looking up unlisted phone numbers can really change everything. When you want to know what happened to someone important in your life or to work to mend broken bridges, the simple fact is that you have to take the initiative. You never know how long someone has in this world, and I wasn’t willing to risk losing my mom before she ever met her grandson. I will always be happy that I decided to find her unlisted phone numbers, and I know that without that search, she would not be part of my life today.

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